Poor You Poor Me

by Poor You Poor Me

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released January 29, 2016

Poor You Poor Me is:

Aletheia Elder (vocals)
Oscar Davies-Kay (vocals, guitar)
Vince Nairn (guitar)
Rikki Sutton (bass)
Ange Suh (violin)
Mike Ellis (drums)

Album engineered, mixed, and mastered by Bob Frisbee

Cover Artwork by Aletheia Elder

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Poor You Poor Me Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Kick You In The Teeth
i’m gonna kick you in the teeth and piss in your bleeding mouth
not just for me, but think it is, i'm insatiable

and it justifies all the things that we and yours and theirs and theirs do

impossible to redeem, our hands are unclean, help!
not that you would, even if you could, 'cos your insatiable
Track Name: Bunnies
aw that's cute, let's take it from its mother
aw that's sad, let's go and buy another
if it can't talk, then it can't think
it's not like it's my brother

now it's big, throw it out with the pigs
chuck it in a little cage till it dies of old age
if it can't smile and it has fluff
don't tell me how to treat my stuff

we breed defeat under our feet

i can’t believe the things i’ve done
without a blink, just for fun
Track Name: Escapism
looking kinda swell, until i fell on to the floor
i didn't sleep last night, i smell of spite
i think it's looking good, but it's a tick and it's a fad
so i'll hold on tight, i should be glad, not sad

i'll take one of these
and i'll toke on this
and i'll snort one of these
and i'll sip on this
and i’ll swallow my bile
and i'll bite my fist

all the things you should've done
that you could've done
are building up, they've made a tower
Guile unveiled your own design
what you set up, set fire to your own pyre

you won't be missed
Track Name: Bonzai
oh i think i'm falling, falling, sprawling baby
could you, would you like to sit next to me
my heart is beating, pumping through my rib cage
and i think that maybe we are on the same page

gotta play it cool
i need to be more smooth

i wanna stay but i feel like hiding

i'm playing on a drum and i look to my right
the sight of you oh boy gives me a fright
i've lost my time, i can't unwind

so i'll go for a dance and i will find you later
man you got some styles and a soft grey sweater
soft grey, please stay
Track Name: Yellow Bird
hey lady
pretty bouncing, jigglin' lady
making all the boys go crazy

with lips like petals
and hair like daffodils
she's got lips like petals
and hair like daffodils

this is a small town
small world we're living in

it's gonna leave you with a frown
gonna bring you down
your actions bring you down

and it was my inaction
i was too young, too stupid

could've done more, should've, done more
should've done more could've done more

yellow bird ollie ollie
i'm sorry
Track Name: Team
it is good that we're a team, which means that there's no i
but there is you, and what you do just makes me sick

jump on the back, so you can slack
and treat those girls like shit
but watch out boy, 'cos where you stand
is just where I might spit
and as there's you, there's also we who bring each other down
without some pride and unity, we all are sure to slide

climb up on top, then someone else
who cares who’s at the bottom
climb up on top, step in their face
when you win it’s all forgotten
don't worry, when you win it’s all forgotten
Track Name: Out Of My Way
out of my way
i'm in a rush
more of a rush than you are
got somewhere to be
more of a place than yours
more to do
more than you’ve got to do
more to live
i'll step on you instead
i’m gonna take yours and mine

i think i'd rather make cheese instead
smoke weed instead
share the thoughts inside my head
i think i'd rather make cheese instead
smoke weed instead
get you to share my bed

i don't really like the way this stories going
haven't you seen the blood that's already been flowing

from century to century
makes it hard for me to breathe
Track Name: Roasted Chestnuts
under the chestnut tree, i sold you and you sold me
there lie they and here lie we, under the chestnut tree

you'll never be free, take it from me
you'll never be free, they'll never be free, thanks to we

under the kauri tree, i'll sell you and you'll sell me
there will lie they and here will lie we, under the kauri tree

i’ll never be free, you’ll never be free
we’ll never be free, they'll never be free, thanks to we
Track Name: Fucked
i can feel it in my back and in my neck up to my head
and the thoughts they feel like lead when I'm asleep inside my bed
they will follow like the crow when they see the walking dead
all those who wallow in the scent of what's now past

they feel like fingers in a frost or acid Inside my throat
that won't get out my gut man I'm really fucked
this feeling in my gut tells me I'm really fucked

i'm really fucked
Track Name: Drip Song
my life is in a bag, and its all in my hands
but it ran through like sand, couldn't grasp or understand

seems it's all gone too soon, in just one afternoon
or in the early morn, then it's like we're never born

i could stop right now, but I'm too far down
and I can't hear a sound, and it just can't be found